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Employers often run background checks on potential employees when they join the organization to check for their criminal records, address verification, education verification, etc. A self-background check can help alert you to identity errors in your records. It can also reassure potential clients before they take you on-board. If you are applying for a job, get a personal background check and find out instantly what employers will see when they search your background. With Jobs Went' Profile Verification Service, you can now have your profile credentials verified and then apply to jobs to get shortlisted by recruiters instantly. Your verified profile will also win you recruiters' trust and give you an edge over other candidates with unverified profiles. By using this service, you can sit back and relax and just focus on preparing yourself for your interview as we will take care of verifying all the certificates and documents and after positive result, mark it with authentication. This helps you get an edge over others.

Our process for the service

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Benefits of Employment verification

1.Stand out among other candidates

2.Show prospective employers you’re honest

3.Enhance your profile visibility

4.Build recruiters trust on your professional achievements

5.Apply to desired jobs with utmost confidence

6.Enhance your chances of getting more interview call.

How it works?

1.Select the service and make the payment.

2.Verifier verifies the product and activates the service.

3.Service team will contact the previous employer through Mail/Phone.

4.Verification is done by your Offer letter/ID card/Salary Slip statement provided by you.

5.Once the reply is received we prepare the verification report and share the same with you.

6.If there is any change, you can call us or mail us regarding the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profile Verification?

With Profile verification Service, you can get your profile's credentials (academic & employment) verified by us, and win recruiters’ trust to get more interview calls. As per your need, you can secure our Education verification service (for verifying highest education), Employment verification service (for verifying current, previous or both employments)

How do you do Employment Verification?

We locate and establish contact with your previous /Current employer through Mail (for Employment Verification Service), college or university (for Education Verification Service) and both (for Education + Employment Verification Service), to process your profile verification. Three attempts are made to contact the concerned parties, failing which, the verification report reflect the verification status as "not verified".

Why should I avail this service and what are the benefits?

Yes, in this era, when things have to be transparent and there is no chance that with so much media outlets and social networking, any misleading matter can be given importance, frauds do take place. Many candidates in order to hurry through the shortcut to success ladder present fake information and deceive their employers. This could be in form of forge educational certificates, employment documents and professional accomplishments. Papers can be duplicated with fake logos and fraud signatures. Thus, employers and many MNC organizations take great measures to verify the information received from the candidates newly hired. You should take Profile Verification Service to gain recruiters' confidence in your profile and get more interview calls from them. Recruiters verify candidates' profile before taking them on-board. By sending them your pre-verified profile you not only ease their task, but also build their trust on your credentials. Besides, your pre-verified profile also gets an edge over other candidates with unverified profiles.

How long do you take for verifying a profile?

For all our Profile Verification Services, we take a lead time of 15 business days - from the receipt of payment and complete information form. Business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.s

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What Clients Say?

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  • This is really very admirable matter to you by me that the creation and structure of the resume is really very good than my expectation. So from now there does not require to change any detail in the last resume. So please proceed ahead.

    - Haresh kumar

  • Got few mails for opportunities but i got calls from everyone once i sent the resume, Nice accuracy.Hopping to get some more from you guys.Good Keep It Up.

    - V.S Naidu

  • Really nice to see actual responses not auto generated whenever I mail. Resume and the content is very nice and graphics are really good.

    - B.Ramesh

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